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Are you seeking affordable auto insurance coverage? Do you like motorcycles, but don't seem to get enough coverage? Your employer does not offer health insurance? Come see the insurance professionals at American Tri-Star Services Inc. and we will gladly answer all your questions, while getting you started with the most comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage available in San Diego. American Tri Star is a proud member of BBB. We have been serving customers throughout San Diego with our four offices in different parts of San Diego County.

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Don't allow age, traffic violations, poor driving record, foreign license or the rising insurance costs keep you from obtaining auto insurance coverage. Give us a call today and get a FREE and Easy quote in less than 5 minutes. Stop worrying. Let the professional at American Tri Star get you the cheapest Auto Insurance rates in San Diego.

Let Us Help You Understand Auto Insurance

When it comes to Auto Insurance, there are a number of factors which effect policy premiums. Some of these factors we have control over while others we don't. For instance, statistically a twenty-year old man living in a huge city such as New York has a higher chance of getting into a car accident versus a sixty-year old man who commutes into the big city from the outskirts. That is why insurance costs are generally higher for young drivers. Understanding what effects auto insurance rates will help you get the best policy at the right price. Following are some factors that are considered by every auto insurance company before they write your policy.

Three Main Factors That Affect San Diego Auto Insurance Rates


Age is very important to insurance companies because auto insurance is based mainly on age. By compiling data over a period of several years, the insurance companies can determine which age groups are more at risk of getting into an accident. The younger a driver, the higher the insurance premiums. On the other hand older and senior drivers have been proven to be safe drivers and hence pay a lower premium.


Gender also plays a part in shaping auto insurance rates. Like age, gender is based on the same data over a certain period of time. The risk factor comes after the data is compiled which shows that males take more chances while driving and are more reckless on the road. Women take lesser chances and are not as reckless as men.

Males drive more often than females which increase chances of having accidents. Men also receive more speeding tickets than women. In addition, men drive more miles annually. It is these factors that force auto insurance companies to raise the insurance rates for men versus women.

Marital Status

For married individuals, having the exact driving records could mean having a premium rate lower than a non-married individual. The marriage status is highly contested because a person can decide if he/she wants to marry, however, auto insurance rates are not a great motive for marriage or divorce.

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Cheap insurance rates will not be given to all drivers. Make sure you do not have to pay more than what you have to if you can help your situation. We at American Tri Star insurance work diligently on behalf of our customers to obtain the lowest rates with the best coverage possible. Give us a call and see how much money you can save.

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